How can I fight an addiction to online contests?

Question by Inno: How can I fight an addiction to online contests?
I love online contests, I compete in many and I win almost 1 every 3 days. I like the prizes (books, DVDs, cosmetics, gadgets and so on) but I like even more to see my name on the winners list. The problem is that these contests take a lot of time and got me into a routine it’s hard to break out of. Any advice?

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Answer by doktor.vonster
You might want to try Gambler’s Anonymous… you say yourself that it’s become a routine and that it’s not the prizes, but the thrill of seeing you name on the winner’s list.

I live in Reno and have worked for Casinos here. Take the test (linked below), be honest with yourself, and if you need it, get the help you need…

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2 Responses to How can I fight an addiction to online contests?

  • Shobha says:

    It depends on how serious the addiction is. Maybe u could block sites like thoes and ask someone else to key in a password so u wouldnt be able to log in. Lol Im not much help.

    Though, I’m glad u’ve realised ur addicted. You’ve take the 1st step. Congrats! Everyone around can only help u, if ur willing to help urself in the first place 🙂

    If all else fails, get some professional help. See a consellor & talk ur problem out. A listening ear helps aswell 🙂

    I wish for nothing but for ur well being.

    take care.

  • ullysseschief says:

    Farout,? youtube is supposed to help people not have some person try profit from peoples problems-shame on you

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