What are the requirements for Suboxone treatment programs?

Question by lil mama: What are the requirements for Suboxone treatment programs?
A friend of mine wants to get treatment for addiction, he is thinking of Suboxone. What all does this entale?

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Answer by lizanull
Suboxone is a very powerful drug but addiction specialists are seeing some good results with it. It takes away that craving sensation and the withdrawal that is usually horrible when you don’t have your narcotics, Suboxone keeps that under control as well.

Your friend should look for a doctor who can prescribe and treat him with Suboxone.

You have to be in full-blown withdrawal to be given Suboxone. Otherwise you get this opposite effect and you can get really really sick from it.

Tell your friend to call his local methadone program and see if they can suggest a physician in his area who can treat with Suboxone.

Wish him good luck for me, addiction to painkillers is a terrible problem to have.

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  • Kid who works at call center says:

    First and foremost you can find a doctor near you @ http://www.suboxone.com/ – with just your zip code.

    Requirements – for my doctor – are that you struggle with opiates in general

    I have had signs of depression as far back as I can remember (from 5 years old). I had been on and off Lortab and/or Tramadol for about three years and now I’ve been taking suboxone for a little over a year (4 year history), and have had a doctor prescribing it to me for a little over 4 months. I wasn’t using heroin, just pain pills, and suboxone saved me from the money, time, and bits of my soul wasted riding the pain pill roller coaster to stave off my depression (BTW i watched Methadone drive my uncle insane – literally. It’s VERY abusable. Suboxone is not. Please don’t choose Methadone over Suboxone!) *Side Note* I’ve tried plenty of anti-depressants, they are not for me, and in my opinion they are just sweeping the problem under the rug. Don’t get me wrong, so are the pain pills and suboxone, but my doctor is great and together we are working on getting me back to ‘normal’ – i.e. off of all substances. Unlike most Docs who prescribe SSRIs that seem to want you to believe that after months or even YEARS of trial and error you’ll find your ‘one that works.’ Then, from what I can gather from talking to people and the words I have read, you may stay on them for life!

    My doctor has referred me to some great reading (my favorite is Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey) and my future is looking a lot better post suboxone than it did before. From what I’ve read and seen (please check out Wikipedia, Erowid, and some other q and a sites) most people use opiates for the great feeling you get at first, and continue to use them if they have depression. Opiates fit some people’s taste better than SSRIs. SSRIs drive me crazy, but my best friend takes them and thinks I’m crazy for using opiates. People are just too different and we’re just barely tapping the surface of how to get our society through the agony that society itself inflicts on us. Some people are stronger than others and some need aid while they build that strength.

    I wish your friend, and anyone else reading this that struggles through the monotonous breath, eat, sleep, work (jacks a dull boy!!!) good luck and pure happiness! And I hope you wish it back to me, because I need it sometimes.

    Much love and peace.

    P.S. check out Wikipedia’s page on Ibogaine

  • Sara Walters says:

    Ever since Dr H took over this place is TERRIBLE in my opinion.. Just wanted to keep me on suboxone forever. I told him I was ready to get off of it and he refused to assist me so I used my last script (32mg a Day) and tapered off of it slowly with another drs help.. Terrible long lasting withdrawal symptoms. Be very careful with Suboxone. Do your research and make an informed decision based on what’s best? for YOU. I can’t believe he created a professional commercial.

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