A question for anyone who has any experience with NA or a family member who has suffered from a drug addiction

Question by Jenny: A question for anyone who has any experience with NA or a family member who has suffered from a drug addiction
My aunt and my uncle have both had problems with using drugs for quite a few years now. My uncle dosen’t think that he has a problem whereas my aunt knows that she does. She ran away from him after years of mental, emotional, and brutaly physical abuse to rehab. She won’t tell anyone where this facility was or what she did there. All she would say is that they helped her and that she admitted herself under a false name. Is that even possible? She is staying with my mother (her sister) now that she is out and she is having to hide from her husband because he is pissed off that she ran away. She wants a divorce from him but is doubtful that she will get it. The whole family needs advice about how we can help her and things to avoid or steer her clear of. Any advice will be appreciated. We truly do want her to succeed with her sobriety.

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Answer by FlaChic
The best thing you can do……..Is Butt Out and stop trying to think you can “fix” these people. Who owns the problem? It is not you so it is not your job to solve this…..besides, you can’t. Go on with your life and learn from their mistakes.

Answer by bridget j
my suggestion is that she call the law, and tell them. she can get a divorce without him.

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6 Responses to A question for anyone who has any experience with NA or a family member who has suffered from a drug addiction

  • slinkey_1616 says:

    I would recommend NA, and Al-Anon for the family. She may also benefit from Al-Anon – even though she’s a former user, she may also benefit from the widsom of Al-Anon. FYI – both programs are very spiritual.

    Good luck.

  • Z-Cat says:

    Please stand by her with the utmost care & support. My mother was murdered by my step-dad, him being an alcoholic, and addict. We tried to get here to move in with us, she said he would follow. There is restraining orders. Please be by her side. There are safe houses which help recovering addicts, the do not tell anyone where she is. ( Mom wouldn’t go afraid of him finding her) I will sure pray for you & your family!

  • stonegirl1998 says:

    i had a problem with meth about four years ago and i can tell you one thing , you can’t help someone who doesn’t want help! She has to want to get help!

  • bubblesl says:

    it’s a difficult one to answer.as a counselor i listen to people with addiction and most would love to have the unconditional support of their family,so i think your family are marvelous for trying to help.yes she could have used another name,the fact that she admitted she had a problem is a huge step,my advice would be to listen to her,support her where ever you can.do not keep anything she was addicted to in the house or where she can find it,during her darkest moments it will be easy for her to slip but harder if there is nothing readily to hand,find a self help group that handles abuse of all sorts,as they will know what she’s going through and can give you helpful advice and her invaluable support.i hope this helps.as for her abusive husband use the law.good luck

  • rebe1ga113 says:

    I understand totally,I just got divorced from a drug user and it’s not easy,I’ve been beat and hit by a car and almost killed by him.Here’s my advice for you,She might have to go through lot’s of consiling,and get her own life straight first,then file for a divorce.at legal aid.there are programs to help her do this she won’t even have to see him ever again.

  • Karen Skelley says:

    Karen, How did you find this place in Pensacola? She can be close to
    Phillip there. Guess Who?

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