When people talk about veterans coming home unemployed…..?

Question by Robert: When people talk about veterans coming home unemployed…..?
You don’t get drummed out after being deployed and seeing combat do you?
What do you think makes it so hard for vets to find work, other than the weak economy?

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Answer by Kristy
For me being injured.

Answer by J J
the military has always been willing to kick out vets. they say 20 percent have ptsd, that often leads to higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse. what company hires mean drunks? its sad.

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  • Christian says:

    Honestly I don’t think it has anything to do with them being veterans, I think it’s mainly because there are so many veterans, most of them aren’t needed especially when they are competing with other civilians that have job experience similar to whatever job the veterans might be looking for and also alot of vets dont have any college credits.

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