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The rest of the numbers

The rest of the numbers
A couple good friends made a very compelling case for why they are planning to move to Tennessee as soon as they can sell their house and commercial properties in Illinois. On the flip side in trying to recruit potential employees (especially …
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There are many support groups willing and able to assist in many ways
DIABETES: Bristol, Tenn., Conference Center, BRMC; second Thursday, 6 p.m., no November meetings; Diabetes Treatment Center, 423- 844-2950. Abingdon, Johnston Memorial Hospital, conference center; …. NARCONON ARROWHEAD: Free counseling; learn how and …
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Abbott's First-of-Its-Kind MitraClip® Device Now Approved in Canada
"We look forward to making this technology available to specialized centers in Canada with teams of heart doctors experienced in the management of patients with mitral valve disease, with the aim of providing people with the best possible treatment …
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Cumberland Heights Treatment Center Nashville, TN — Cumberland Heights is a nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment center located west of Nashville on the Cumberland River, offering both in-patient a…

Recovery center in Palm Springs info. ?

Question by alitajamie: Recovery center in Palm Springs info. ?
i need to know the name of this place- in Palm Springs , CA-
i was inpatient there in winter of 2004-
i actually ran away from there-a.m.a.

and i want my records-
PLEASE help me!
anyone know where i’m talking about?

Best answer:

Answer by Live, Love, Laugh
1. Desert Treatment Clinic
(877) 762-3730

1330 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA
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2. Stroke Recovery Center
(760) 323-7676

2800 E Alejo Rd, Palm Springs, CA
Get Directions
strokerecoverycenter.org 1.58 mi.

3. Gordon Recovery Center
(888) 321-2818

Palm Springs, CA

Desert Treatment Clinic
(760) 322-9065

1330 N Indian Canyon Dr, #A, Palm Springs, CA

Dreamcatcher Transitional Living and Drug Rehab
(888) 835-8002

330 W Yorba Rd, Palm Springs, CA

Answer by Norman O
Betty Ford Center?

Cardio Notes: Statins and Nutrition
From 1999 to 2010, caloric intake grew by 9.6% and fat intake grew by 14.4% among statin users, with no similar increases seen in people who were not taking the drugs, according to Takehiro Sugiyama, MD, of the University of Tokyo, and colleagues …
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Leading Addiction Specialist to Meet with Addiction Treatment Professionals in
Clinical Programme Director Alastair Mordey of The Cabin Chiang Mai, Asia's leading inpatient rehab centre, will be visiting Beijing and Shanghai from the 16-24th April to offer insights into the latest addiction treatment methods practised. Share on …
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New treatment center helps teens with substance abuse, psychiatric issues
A new residential treatment center helps local teens receive substance abuse and psychiatric services without having to leave the area, or the state. Devereux Arizona opened the 10-bed facility on April 7, said Debra Howard, Devereux Arizona's …
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what is the community of priests who devote themselves to the rehabilitation of priests addicted to alcohol ?

Question by edita t: what is the community of priests who devote themselves to the rehabilitation of priests addicted to alcohol ?
pls find the answer

Best answer:

Answer by longneck242002
Never heard of it.

Answer by musiu_2001
All the following provide rehabilitation to alcoholic priests.

1. The Paulist Fathers run Friendship House
Friendship House is a treatment facility for alcoholic priests and brothers located in Mangalore, a city in the southern west coast of India.

2. The Order of Servants of the Paraclete runs the Vianney Renewal Center
The Servants of the Paraclete claims to be the only Catholic religious order in USA devoted to ministering to broken priests and brothers. The Vianney Renewal Center is a faith-directed supportive community for priests and brothers who are desirous of living their priesthood, even though they may not be able to engage in active ministry for personal, health-related, psychological, social or canonical reasons. The Vianney Renewal Center is located in Dittmer, Missouri, USA.

3. Fr. Stephen J. Rossetti (a priest of the Diocese of Syracuse, New York) runs the Saint Luke Institute
The Saint Luke Institute is a licensed, private residential facility specializing in promoting the health and well-being of women and men religious, clergy and others involved in church ministry.
It is located in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

4. Catholic lay persons run the Southdown Institute.
The Southdown Institute treats Catholic clergy, religious and other clergy for psychological and addiction problems. Each person who goes to Southdown must be sponsored by a religious community or diocese. The Institute is located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

5. Catholic lay people run Guest House
Guest House provides treatment to Catholic priests, deacons, brothers, seminarians and women religious with alcoholism, other chemical dependencies and related problems. The centre in Rochester, Minnesota is for priests and male religious and the one in Lake Orion, Michigan is for women religious.

6. The National Catholic Council on Alcoholism and Related Drug Problems, Inc. (NCCA) is affiliated with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
The NCCA is committed to assisting its members to a greater awareness and acceptance of alcoholism, other chemical addictions and prevention issues. It is based at the Guest House facility at Lake Orion.

I note that you ask others to find the answer. I retort that you could have looked for it yourself. I also note the comment on google that Southdown Institute, Guest House and NCCA were not the answers that you wanted. Well, if what I have supplied is still inadequate, then you’ll have to go whistle.

Can Drugs Prevent ED From Prostate Cancer Treatment?
ED is a common problem after radiotherapy, and many men subsequently use erectile aids, say the study authors, led by Thomas M. Pisansky, MD, from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. However, the role of ED drugs as prophylactics — that is, started …
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Definitive Oral History of a TV Masterpiece
I'd moved to Minneapolis in 1985 to go into drug rehab. I ended up staying and doing stand-up comedy. Basically, I was a very unknown stand-up comedian when I got on Mystery Science Theater. Mike Nelson (writer-producer, host, 1993–1999): At the time I …
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Ninety percent of HOPWA funds are distributed by formula to cities and states based on the number of AIDS cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. HUD's formula grants are … Minnesota, Salvation Army, Harbor Lights, Roseville …
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Men's Event Raises $650k-plus for Fenway Health

Men's Event Raises 0k-plus for Fenway Health
This year's 21st annual gathering drew more than 1,300 mostly gay, bisexual and transgender men and some women to the Boston Marriott Copley Place Saturday evening, April 26. …. In addition to providing comprehensive medical, behavioral health …
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Vitamin D: Deficiency Persists Post Kidney Transplant
Michael Holick, MD, PhD, an expert in vitamin D at Boston University, agreed that kidney transplant patients are at higher risk for deficiency, for two reasons. First is the fact that they have to avoid the sun, he said, but the other is that the drugs …
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Heroin on Campus
Officials at the University of Rochester are discussing a problem that rarely reaches the agendas of campus medical centers or presidents: How do you identify and treat students who are addicted to heroin? Last month's death of freshman Juliette …
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Substance abuse treatment Boston MA (857) 453-4300 Harbor Village, Rehab and Detox — For the most effective and compassionate treatment center for addiction in Boston MA, call Harbor Village at (857) 453-4300. We’re not only the best well-tra…

Why is alcohol legal but most drugs aren’t?

Question by : Why is alcohol legal but most drugs aren’t?
I personally enjoy marijuana and MDMA on occasion. I have not tried any other drugs, so I am only going to talk about these two since I know the most about them. Here are some facts.

Alcohol is physically addictive and frequent and excessive drinking can create a physical dependency. Marijuana and MDMA are not addictive and no physical dependency is possible.

Alcohol abuse makes people violent and can lead to abuse, rape, etc. Marijuana users like to sit at home, watch movies, and eat snacks (not harmful to anyone!). MDMA users like to dance a lot and hug inanimate objects (also not harmful to anyone!)

Recorded Marijuana related deaths in the history of history = 0
“Statistics culled from the United States and the United Kingdom report only 7 ecstasy-related deaths per million users of the drug. This is an interesting figure whtn compared to the 625 alcohol-related deaths per million drinkers that occur each year.”

So please tell me, where is the logic in all of this? Why is alcohol legal almost everywhere, Marijuana only legal in a few places around the world, and MDMA legal NOWHERE!? WHY!?

Best answer:

Answer by Justin
tax on alcohol=big revenue

Answer by Toni Brown
Alcohol doesn’t make the middle part of your nose fall off.

Sex trafficking bill clears House on unanimous vote
Rick Scott, will provide the Florida Department of Children and Families with new guidelines to assess victims and provide housing in safe facilities or foster homes — as well as allocate $ 3 million toward the treatment of victims. The bill's sponsor …
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Around Ohio
Ohio State Board of Pharmacy Executive Director Kyle Parker notes that a recent survey found four-in-10 teens who have misused or abused a prescription drug got it from their parents' medicine cabinet. … Orman Hall, director of the Ohio Department of …
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Mental Illness Not Usually Linked to Crime, Research Finds
Two-thirds of the offenders who had committed crimes directly related to their mental illness symptoms also had committed unrelated crimes for other reasons, such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness and substance abuse, according to the research …
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Do texas hospitals have the right to drug test newborn babies?

Question by lroble27: Do texas hospitals have the right to drug test newborn babies?

Best answer:

Answer by Professor Beatz
Is it mandated by state law, or is it the decision of the hospitals that they will only consent to grant medical care if the person be willing to undergo any test deemed necessary by the healthcare provider?

Edit: Good God! I can’t believe the Supreme Court hasn’t thrown that out–it’s a clear violation of the Fourth amendment!!! I guess the “right of privacy” only exists when it’s consistent with the agenda of the welfare state.


Answer by heather_marie101502
I think so…they have the right but they also must have good reason to do the test

Drug Rehab in Florida | Addiction Treatment Testimonial — For anyone who has suffered through the agony and pain caused by their addiction to drugs, oftentimes they feel like they have nowhere to turn to get relief….