Your thoughts on drug abuse in academia?

Question by CrazyEights: Your thoughts on drug abuse in academia?
Your thoughts on drug abuse in academia?
There were many articles posted a week ago about the poll Nature conducted on scientists. The poll showed that many scientists use drugs (mainly methylphenidate and modafinil)to enhance their ability to concentrate. Here is one such article:…

Even the prolific mathematician, Paul Erdos, took copious amounts of amphetamines, and said that the world lost a lot of good math the one month he went without it (due to a bet with a friend). I often wonder how much more productive he would have been had he been using amphetamines before the age of 60.

These are all adults of course who use these drugs, and understand both the benefits and consequences of using them. More concentration from scientists generally result in the betterment of society, and it’s not like the world of sports where you compete against each other (hence why drug abused is banned for sports).
3 years ago
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You could probably also draw comparisons between these the use of these drugs and caffeine as well.

Also, I would like some insightful thoughts as opposed to “Drugs are bad!” from straight edges or “Drugs are good!” from hippies.

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Answer by green guy
some drugs are off the hook. like mary jane. other drugs, fukc you up seriously. like crack, meth or even ecstacy.

Jumping for Show: Drug Abuse in the Equestrian World — Records show that since 2010, random drug tests of horses competing at equestrian events have tested positive for substances such as cocaine, antipsychotics …

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  • Bianca Smith says:

    This doesn’t surprise. Hunters need to be as calm as possible at top
    levels. Depressants give riders an artificially made push-button pony in
    which they can get in the ribbons with easily.?

  • Milton Rodriguez says:

    Wow! What are we thinkng when we drug our animals??

  • HRobins123 says:

    This is so upsetting! I’ve been riding for 9 years now and I have seen
    people use horses like puppets and when they can’t perform anymore they at
    sold off. In the horse world you need to love the animals passionately or
    you will end up dealing with big problems.

  • FlyingPanda says:

    I’m with Daniel Tosh concerning professional athlete steroid use. If we’re
    gonna pay these monkeys MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars that could have
    gone to feed hungry children just to throw a fucking ball then I want them
    to do it as hard as physically possible. It’s the least they can do.
    just wrong.


    NO TAXES . =hidden between a 300 acre field of grapes he would pocket
    25,000 under the table for a stallion sperm, E FARM RIVERHEAD, N.Y


    R.E & J.E.

  • jojo22687 says:

    why on earth would some one give a horse cocaine..i mean ….really?

  • DerangedFox says:

    This is far more prevalent than most people realize. Trainers and riders
    rely on drugs and misuse to mold their horses to perform however they

  • gi says:

    they do have big nostrils lol

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