Will Paul Ryan's poverty plan pitch strike out?

Will Paul Ryan's poverty plan pitch strike out?
Bob Woodson, president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, told lawmakers about how the establishment of violence-free zones near public schools in Milwaukee has served nearly 900 at-risk youths since 1980. Having some … Woodson also talked …
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Nobody Tell Chris Christie, But Colorado Might Have A Better 'Quality Of Life
The state of the states: Politico recently gathered various data points from the Census Bureau, the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and incorporated them with a slew of other factors, including income, high school graduation …
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Acting sergeant: North Bergen, N.J., cop moonlights on 'Blue Bloods'
Tom Selleck (center) and North Bergen Sgt. Henry Marrero (right), … Sgt. Henry Marrero of the North Bergen Police Department in New Jersey plays a top NYPD cop alongside Tom Selleck on the hit CBS drama “Blue Bloods.” ….. Rob Ford is going to rehab …
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Uruguay's Leader Agrees to Take Up to Six Guantánamo Prisoners

Uruguay's Leader Agrees to Take Up to Six Guantánamo Prisoners
"What we are trying to do is create policies that allow us to take the [marijuana] market from the drug traffickers, but that doesn't mean we are going to allow this addiction to spread." Mr. Mujica at home on his farm near Montevideo. Alejandro … So …
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White Township senior community opposes greenhouse potentially growing
Both Fred and Rita attended a panel discussion on the current drug climate in Warren County hosted by the Family Guidance Center of Warren County to ask County Prosecutor Richard Burke about this possible development. Strongly … If you look at it …
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'X-Stacy' showcases local talent
The Australian show places rave culture and elicit drug use at the center and draws parallels between the '90s rave culture and religion. … The Jackson Recovery Center is partnering with Lamb for the show to help raise awareness for local resources.
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When people talk about veterans coming home unemployed…..?

Question by Robert: When people talk about veterans coming home unemployed…..?
You don’t get drummed out after being deployed and seeing combat do you?
What do you think makes it so hard for vets to find work, other than the weak economy?

Best answer:

Answer by Kristy
For me being injured.

Answer by J J
the military has always been willing to kick out vets. they say 20 percent have ptsd, that often leads to higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse. what company hires mean drunks? its sad.

Helping Homeless Veterans — Dignity’s Alcove, Inc. founder Harold Butts speaks with Ron Shaw of Working Well Together about solutions to ending homelessness. Dignity’s Alcove, Inc. help…

Specialty court helps local veterans in the system
This specialty court has continued to grow since. "We have addictions, alcohol addiction, we have the drugs, we have problems, you know some of them, quite a few of our people have come out of battle and they still are having issues," Judge Hastings said.
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Acupuncture Helping Reduce Use of Pain Killers
Norvell V. Coots, deputy commanding general of the U.S. Army Medical Command and assistant surgeon general for force projection, testified Wednesday, at a hearing of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee about overmedication concerns. In 2011, 26 …
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The endocannabinoid revolution
The items on this list – PTSD, Alzheimer's, addiction, suicide, cancer, epilepsy – are among the most pressing medical challenges America faces, not to mention most expensive. And there are other areas – diabetes, stroke, Parkinson's, mental illness …
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The rest of the numbers

The rest of the numbers
A couple good friends made a very compelling case for why they are planning to move to Tennessee as soon as they can sell their house and commercial properties in Illinois. On the flip side in trying to recruit potential employees (especially …
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There are many support groups willing and able to assist in many ways
DIABETES: Bristol, Tenn., Conference Center, BRMC; second Thursday, 6 p.m., no November meetings; Diabetes Treatment Center, 423- 844-2950. Abingdon, Johnston Memorial Hospital, conference center; …. NARCONON ARROWHEAD: Free counseling; learn how and …
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Abbott's First-of-Its-Kind MitraClip® Device Now Approved in Canada
"We look forward to making this technology available to specialized centers in Canada with teams of heart doctors experienced in the management of patients with mitral valve disease, with the aim of providing people with the best possible treatment …
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Opiate Addiction and Help?

Question by Adam Smith: Opiate Addiction and Help?
Hey all. I have a quick question regarding Hydromorphone. About a year and a half ago, I sobered up from opiates. I had a pretty bad addiction. With-drawls were hell and ended up going on Suboxone for eight months. I am off of everything now. Here is the problem; I ended up breaking my ankle a few hours ago. I went to the hospital and was given liquid Hydromorphone via IV and they wrote me a prescription for 15 of the 2mg Dilaudids (Hydromorphone). I am a little worried. For this short amount of time, will I automatically have to go through full blown with drawls again? I have not used ANY opiates at all for 18 months…but I am REALLY worried that come tomorrow, I will be dope sick and have to go back on Suboxone. Will I have to go through all of that again, or am I okay and am just worrying too much? Can anyone shed some light on this?

I really appreciate the response! But no, I have not taken any Subs for pretty long time (more than a few months). My worry was that I would automatically be addicted again and if I stopped, I would go through that full-blown agonist withdrawal. The reason I did think this is the fact that yes, I did get high on this “medication”. I asked my doctor the same thing and he said: “If you are in pain, the pain will override the medication and it will do its job. This will not get you “high”. However, I got did in fact get high. I got REALLY high. Just like when I was addicted. So much so that it messed with my sleep and all that good stuff. I understand the craving thing. The craving thing has never really gone away…I suppose that may never will. I suppose I should thank “god” or someone for the fact that I have a strong self-efficacy. Getting off of the Suboxone was not easy, but I did it.

Again, I wanna thank you for your response. It put my mind at ease.

Best answer:

Answer by maggieeld
NO. You won’t go into any withdrawals. What you MAY do though, is go through another bout of addiction. I was on Suboxone. I wasn’t on it for addiction, however I know everything there is to know about it…NOW, so NO you will NOT go through withdrawal. You can safely take an opiate after Suboxone if you wait (they say exactly: 12 hours) subsequent to your last dose. I myself, went OFF Suboxone & 12 hrs later took a prescribed Oxycoadone 30 mg tablet (pretty strong stuff!) Then 12 hrs later, managed to “talk myself into THINKING I was “in withdrawal,” but I was NOT.” You can literally “think” yourself into feeling something, I discovered. 🙂 What you should experience: if you have not had Sunoxone for 12 hrs or longer: probably nothing. Why? because the Suboxone is still making the Opiate bounce right off that receptor! IT TAKES APROX 5 DAYS TO HAVE SUBOXONE COMPLETELY OT EFFECT THOSE OPIATE RECEPTORS. Trust me, if you were going to go through withdrawal, you’d already be IN withdrawal. You woud be curled up on the floor & you sure would not be online! 🙂 You are FINE, do not worry. If you have had NO Suboxone for 5 days or longer, then the opiate that the doc gave you will effect you EXACTLY THE SAME WAY, IF YOU HAD NEVER HAD SUBOXONE. You MIGHT even get high from it because you had an addiction at one time, therefore you may experience a craving for the opiate. But the RULE OF THUMB IS: YOU WILL NOT PUT YOURSELF INTO PRECIPITATED WITHDRAWALS IF YOU WAIT 12 HOURS AFTER TAKING SUBOXONE TO TKE AN OPIATE. AFTER STOPPING SUBOXONE: IT TAKES 5 DAYS FOR THE OPIATE RECEPTORS TO START WORKING THE SAME AS THEY DID WHEN YOU WERE NOT TAKING ANY SUBOXONE. THE ONLY WAY TO THROW YOURSELF INTO PRECIPITATED WITHDRAWALS IS: IF YOU TKAKE AN OPIATE & SUBOXONE WITHOUT WAITING 12 HOURS IN BETWEEN. PERIOD.
They ask you to please wait 12 hours & be in “moderate withdrawal” prior to starting Suboxone. Ths is to insure that you have the Opiate OUT of your syatem & are IN withdrawal when you begin Suboxone so that it can work properly, do it’s job, and so that you don’t o the off-chance have any opiate left in your system. You say that you waited 18 months. You are WAY safe to take an Opiate and not experience any withdrawals!!
HOWEVER: If you are afraid that you will go into wthdrawals when you stop whatever opiate the doc gave you just now, do not worry. Thing is, doctors do not prescribe opiates to people knowing that “this is just enough to make them not become addicted.” I have personally been on 10 days of VERY strong narcotics…I didn’t get addicted, nor did I exprience any withdrawals. You ONLY experience withdrawals (physical) when your body becomes DEPENDENT on a drug, and I have never herd of a doctor prescribing a narcotic to someone long enough to get them addicted, wihout also prescribing them enough to taper them off. IF they NEED tapering-off, anyway.
If I were you, I would take my medication AS PRESCRIBED and then follow-up with a doctor. Explain your situation. I’d say, “I once had an addiction to opiates but now I am not addicted. I have no cravings, however I was prescribed an opiate medication which I would like to take accurately and correctly, however I do not want any addiction to occur, what is your advice?” Your doctor will likely prescrbe you medication to sooth your pain, then if needed, will taper you off. If you are NOT an addict. IF you are not n addict. IF you are an addict (they say once an addict, always an addict, but that is ot for ME to say) they will medicate you so that you do not experience the pain & at the same time, they will not cause you to be in another situation in which case you were addicted to opiates.
NO you will NOT go trough withdrawals if you only take what your doctor gave to you right now. PERIOD, you wil not. Don’t talk yourself into that, either. If you take it as prescribed, follow the directions…you will not go through any withdrawals.
I have known people who have had Suboxone one day & some crazy mix of street opiates the next and it’s VERY dangerous to do but it did not throw them into withdrawals. The fact that you took Suboxone & went through any withdrawals is crazy to me because hey prescribe Suboxone to those who are addicted to opiates & want to get off of them…and they prescribe the Suboxone to be taken 12 hrs after the last opiate was taken…when the person is in “moderate withdrawal.” Moderate withdrawal is scored on a table & is based on things like pupil dialation, light sensitivity, sweating, chills, yawning, aches & pains (they watch to see if they are rubbing or hitting their thighs) and so on… It is a sensitive table, I have read it

Answer by Changing the World 1 Y!A @ a X
Make an appointment with a counselor so you can be monitored by a professional for your addiction while you are needing to take pain meds.

Better safe than sorry!

Knowledge of MATs key to overcoming opioid abuse challenges
“Medication-assisted therapies refers to the use of FDA-approved medications for treating opioid addiction—methadone, buprenorphine/naloxone and extended-release injectable naltrexone— along with appropriate medical, psychiatric and psychosocial …
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49-Year Incumbent U.S. Rep's Ballot Fail
Most of those using are trying to get help. In 2012, 450,000 people reported receiving treatment for heroin. … Suboxone, a prescription painkiller used to treat opiates, isn't much better. With its high cost, low availability, and a long-lasting …
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Experts say medicine can beat opiates
BUCYRUS — Medication-assisted treatment for opiate addiction is available in Crawford County, using Suboxone or Vivitrol to combat cravings for drugs such as heroin. Some people, though, doubt medication is the answer. During a community meeting …
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Drew Barrymore Rises From the Ashes

Drew Barrymore Rises From the Ashes
It did not take long before Barrymore was put into the ASAP Family Treatment Center to be treated for alcohol and drug addiction but was released just twelve days later to commence the filming of Far From Home. The troubled young star even tried to …
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Social workers can help patients recover from mild traumatic brain injuries
“The goal of my work is to provide them with specialized training on mild traumatic brain injuries to help bridge the psychological and social aspects of treatment with medical care.” Traumatic brain injury occurs when the head is hit by an outside …
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BOS approves transfer between Special District funds for repairs
The center provides evidence-based practices such as substance abuse programming, mental health counseling, alcohol and drug abuse monitoring, as well as supervision and tracking of offenders in the program, according to Chief Probation Officer Rob …
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Championing recovery: Addiction, mental health awareness the mission of
The ninth-annual edition of the Timothy Durant Recovery Walk, slated for May 20, is held each year in honor of Durant, a man who died suddenly while working for GRACE House and Auburn Drug & Alcohol Treatment Court. "The reason it's hosted is to make …
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Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center / Alumni Stories / Scott — Scott shares his personal story about finding sobriety through AA and the drug rehab program at Cirque lodge.