Can my employer give me a random drug test in Pennsylvania?

Question by : Can my employer give me a random drug test in Pennsylvania?
I never signed any kind of consent form and I never received a company handbook or signed/got anything when I started working for the company I work for. Can they legally require me or ask me to take a random urine test? Also, if they do and I refuse to take it what can I do then if I am fired? For the record, I am NOT a drug user. I am however very concerned about my civil rights and don’t want to feel like someone could force me to pee in a cup for them at their request. If they had asked me to sign a consent form upon hiring me though, I would have and I would submit to a test if they asked me to. Bottom line is they didn’t so what are my rights and how can I preserve them? Thank you in advance 🙂
Wow! I guess some people either don’t read before they throw their opinion around or they don’t get that this is a simple question of civil liberties. Or maybe they don’t understand that in this country we have certain civil rights! Again… I am NOT a drug user! But just because I am clean doesn’t mean i’m ok with someone telling me to go piss in a cup! It’s not a question of convenience. It’s a matter of rights! Read some ACLU literature and quit sounding like a brainwashed conditioned sheep following the herd!

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Answer by Ryan M
Yes you can get fired for refusing. Its called “at-will employment”.

Answer by lcr000
random are not usual practice unless your are in an occupation that requires it, reasonable suspicion can be used at any time whether or not they told you when hired or no handbook.
the drug test starts the minute they ask you to take it, if you refuse or go the next day it is the same as failing

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