Doing Illegal Drugs While Pregnant?

Question by tinaj78: Doing Illegal Drugs While Pregnant?
My friend’s girlfriend has major problems. She is pregnant and using illegal drugs at the same time. My friend is the father and it at a loss on what to do, as saying “stop” doesn’t cut it. He needs to work during the day and no one else cares enough to get involved. They live in Arizona. Are there any laws or any rehab’s that will take you in (with force) to keep the baby safe?

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Answer by Nicky05
If your doing drugs during pregnany, teh baby could have problems when he or she is born.. Alson when she goes to deliver teh baby and they test her. If she has drugs in her systom they wil take the baby!

Answer by M Kerr RN L&D
Here in Iowa it only takes 2 people, dont have to be relation, to civilly commit someone to rehab, might want to check into that

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