Drug addiction….?

Question by limon: Drug addiction….?
My brother, is probably the biggest addict I know, he has been most of his life. I know its a stuff thing for him to deal with, he smokes crack and drinks 99% cleaning alcohol. Its amazing how much power it has over him. He cries because it hurts him. He has been in and out of treatments, you name it, he has pulled through a few of the years, and also got married and has a children he is a wonderful husband.
Regarding addiction, you can get out of it, yet like my brother is drawn to it, its like some evil force. Can anyone shed some light on drug addiction, and pray my brother gets well.

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Answer by Nikki
Well I will definitely pray for him and you and your family. It is hard when someone we love is an addict. All you can do is encourage him to get help AGAIN. You can’t force someone to do it if they aren’t ready mentally. He has to want to quit for himself. I do wish you well and I hope he finds the will power to check in and get help for good this time. My ex-best friend is a crack addict so I understand how you feel. It’s hard to deal with and it takes a toll on you and everyone around you.Take care.

Answer by kissfan5273
Just like depression and people who self injure, addicts seek the familiar. Think of it this way, someone who has been in prison for 50 years, starting maybe when they are 20, don’t know how to live in the ‘real’ world. They never had to…so they go back out and commit a crime to go back to prison. If an addict gets clean, and starts to live life, he may face hard times he ‘missed’ while on drugs, therefore he gets scared and seeks the familiar. My best advice for you and his wife is help him get clean, and if and when he does show him he has so many reasons NOT to go back. Help him through those hard times that he hasn’t been through or is afraid of.

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