how can i stop cocaine use?

Question by sebatian w: how can i stop cocaine use?
I am 25 year old male in florida i spend about $ 1,000.00 evry two weeks i need help

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First of all, you need to go to a licensed detox and rehabilitation center. The most important part will be to get all of the coke out of your system, and began treatment with a clean mind and body. For some people, this will seem like the hardest part. People who use every single day are accustomed to keeping a certain amount of cocaine in their body, and when the level drops below that, they have acute withdrawal symptoms and need medical help in dealing with them. However, this is not by far the hardest part.

After getting all of the drugs out of your system, its important to stay in a rehabilitation center or attend substance abuse counseling meetings. Both of these will help teach you how to deal with temptation and how to begin rebuilding your life. Reaching out for help isn’t the hard part, STAYING CLEAN IS. You’ll have to change your life completely — get a new phone number, leave your old friends behind, maybe even move into a new place. If you’re constantly surrounded by fellow users and dealers, it makes it too hard to keep saying no.

Addiction is an incurable disease. You can never be rid of cocaine addiction, you can only manage it. It takes hard work and determination. Unless a person is ready to quit and works at it, it will be almost impossible for them to stay off drugs. If this is you, you have a hard road ahead of you. But it will be more than worth it in the end. Its impossible to have a productive life and be actively using cocaine.

Answer by vanessa
yes you need help you are addicted so i would advise you to go to drug addicts annonymous you can call AA for their telephonew number by the way have you ever tried to stop on your own by going to meetings? worth a try and its free AA will give you where and when these meetings take place in your area good luck drug addiction is one hell and not easy to get out alone unless you are not an addict maybe you are just a social user anyway best to find out without the world knowing about it

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