How do I narrow down a substance abuse topic?

Question by Samantha: How do I narrow down a substance abuse topic?
In my sociology class we need to submit a research topic/question and I need some help narrowing down my topic. Our teacher says it has to be something plausible, debatable etc. It can be anything that doesn’t make sense if you study it if you get what I’m saying. Anyhow this subject is interesting to me so I think that will help.


I work at a substance abuse treatment center
Some of the clients are veterans with PTSD etc.
My mom used from when I was 10-17 and my brothers were 1-7 and 2-8 she stopped because my brothers were taken away from her and she decided it wasn’t worth it.
My dad used from the time I was 10 until a few years ago. He abused marijuana, pain pills the lighter things if you want to call them until he went to Africa to help with the refugees. He then came back and got into meth really bad. (I’m 24)

My mom and dad divorced when I was 5 so I grew up with different relationships with both of them.

K so I’m thinking I want to do something that involves how having parents like that affect children, maybe some PTSD type stuff knowing that set my dad off when he came home from that horrid/rewarding experience.

I just have to narrow it down a little more and into a sort of question.

Best answer:

Answer by Maria
That’s kind of tough to narrow down. You could do something about how parents’ abusing drugs affects their children’s own development, or whether or not it causes the children to abuse drugs later in life, or whether or not there’s a genetic connection between the parents’ using and the children’s using – but maybe that’s too medical rather than sociological. Then again, it would be a great debate subject. You know, nature or nurture (so to speak)? Or you could do something about PTSD and how sufferers of PTSD self-medicate by abusing drugs, what their alternatives are, what the treatments are.

Great subject, and good for you in that you’ve risen above your upbringing and are doing something so meaningful and giving. Good luck with this. I wish I could have helped more.

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