Is there any free drug rehab help in Houston, Texas?

Question by Emjay: Is there any free drug rehab help in Houston, Texas?
My sister is addicted to crack. Has no job, no money, no insurance. Can anyone please help me out with where do I even start to get her help? I am a single mother of two boys and although I have a job I don’t have extra money to put into this.

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Answer by angiebrown232
call that intervention show thats on A and E 1800 662 HELP i know they help people from all over . i hope your sister gets help i know that is a very powerful drug and the damage it can do. good luck

Answer by mcdannells
Then after you call the help line the fist lady put in there, get a hold of a mental health place and get her into profetional mental health to find out why she feels she has to self medicate in the first place.
Or maybe they do that in dug rehab places??
She could more then likely get on the state medical who would pay to help her? This is what it is there for.
Good luck

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