Manslaughter in Pennsylvania?

Question by Brennan K: Manslaughter in Pennsylvania?
If you turn yourself in, show tons of remorse, and there was no premeditated intent to injure, as well as a mental imbalance, (schizophrenia) along with a drug addiction, would the defendent get a lighter sentence? I would think rehab, then maybe a halfway house/some jailtime. Does anyone have any other possible penalties?

This is NOT condoning murder or violence in any way.
Just so everyone knows, this isn’t me. I just heard this on the news.
I read some of the PA law, and it says that you have to be committing a crime for second degree murder. And all other types of murder are third degree.

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Answer by sexy latina
no i dont think so you did the crime so you do the time.

Answer by Devontrit Whiteside
In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania there is a Zero Tolerance enactment. The instance you speak of is one of them. They would serve out there full sentence without the possibility of parole. Allow me to cite the actual Pennsylvania Code/Statute: Pa.C.S. § 2502, § 2503 or § 2504 (relating to murder; voluntary manslaughter or … This section cited in 37 Pa. Code § 200.4 (relating to detention required)

other citings: Voluntary Manslaughter in violation of Section 2503. of the Crimes Code, 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 2503; …

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