What to do on visit from drug rehab?

Question by Rusty Nail: What to do on visit from drug rehab?
My sister is 17 and has been in a court ordered drug rehab facility for the past 8 months.

She now gets 12 hours visits away from the facility, and on those visits my mother likes to have her go tanning, to the mall, get nails done, etc. I think that time should be spent going to colleges, the library … something like that so that when she is out she can do something with her life. My mom says this is her “reward” time and has elaborate plans for fun stuff.

What do you think?

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Answer by disorder_ly_conduct
I think rehab can be a crock and your sister should look into RR (rational recovery). On the other hand, your sister should decide what she wants to do with her free time. If the rehab program is a good program, it will be teaching her about self care and about pursuing goals in life (first case, what your mom is doing, second case, what you want). Based on what she decides her values are and aligning her goals with these, she can best use her time.

Answer by michael m
I think instead of having your nails done while being out on a pass on rehab. You guys should be talking about what has she learned and what tools have she learned from rehab and what NA meeting is she going to after she gets out. This drug rehab program is not just 28 days long its for a life time. You guys should be her support group and be more involved during here visits out. There is no rewarding of rehab except the gift its self of being clean!

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