Your thoughts on drug abuse in academia?

Question by CrazyEights: Your thoughts on drug abuse in academia?
Your thoughts on drug abuse in academia?
There were many articles posted a week ago about the poll Nature conducted on scientists. The poll showed that many scientists use drugs (mainly methylphenidate and modafinil)to enhance their ability to concentrate. Here is one such article:…

Even the prolific mathematician, Paul Erdos, took copious amounts of amphetamines, and said that the world lost a lot of good math the one month he went without it (due to a bet with a friend). I often wonder how much more productive he would have been had he been using amphetamines before the age of 60.

These are all adults of course who use these drugs, and understand both the benefits and consequences of using them. More concentration from scientists generally result in the betterment of society, and it’s not like the world of sports where you compete against each other (hence why drug abused is banned for sports).
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You could probably also draw comparisons between these the use of these drugs and caffeine as well.

Also, I would like some insightful thoughts as opposed to “Drugs are bad!” from straight edges or “Drugs are good!” from hippies.

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Answer by green guy
some drugs are off the hook. like mary jane. other drugs, fukc you up seriously. like crack, meth or even ecstacy.

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Courthouse Records
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Pot shots
State law requires a 1,000-foot separation between medical marijuana dispensaries and schools, substance-abuse treatment facilities and child care centers. However, City Attorney Dirk Nelson said there's no such state requirement for recreational stores.
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My mother has a serious drug addiction problem.?

Question by Mia R: My mother has a serious drug addiction problem.?
My mother has a serious drug addiction problem. This has put a strain on our relationship. I am conflicted between wanting to help and fearing the consequences.

What should I do in this personal problem? I live near Brewton, Alabama.

Any sources you can give to help would go a long way to solve my problem.

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Answer by Anthony 1980
Check out locating drug rehab medical centers near your area. Try the source sites focused on your city and state. Inquire about free help on how to start the process.

Answer by Heyvenn
call the hospital for help.

Drug Treatment Programs in Alabama | Call 800-303-2938 For More INFORMATION — Drug Treatment Programs in Alabama – Call 800-303-2938 For More INFORMATION For your drug rehabilitation, we have prepared some great Drug Treatment Programs…

Recovery center in Palm Springs info. ?

Question by alitajamie: Recovery center in Palm Springs info. ?
i need to know the name of this place- in Palm Springs , CA-
i was inpatient there in winter of 2004-
i actually ran away from there-a.m.a.

and i want my records-
PLEASE help me!
anyone know where i’m talking about?

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Answer by Live, Love, Laugh
1. Desert Treatment Clinic
(877) 762-3730

1330 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA
Get Directions

2. Stroke Recovery Center
(760) 323-7676

2800 E Alejo Rd, Palm Springs, CA
Get Directions 1.58 mi.

3. Gordon Recovery Center
(888) 321-2818

Palm Springs, CA

Desert Treatment Clinic
(760) 322-9065

1330 N Indian Canyon Dr, #A, Palm Springs, CA

Dreamcatcher Transitional Living and Drug Rehab
(888) 835-8002

330 W Yorba Rd, Palm Springs, CA

Answer by Norman O
Betty Ford Center?

Cardio Notes: Statins and Nutrition
From 1999 to 2010, caloric intake grew by 9.6% and fat intake grew by 14.4% among statin users, with no similar increases seen in people who were not taking the drugs, according to Takehiro Sugiyama, MD, of the University of Tokyo, and colleagues …
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Big House, Big Mouth

Big House, Big Mouth
“Things like education, lack of healthcare, mental- health issues, vocational skills, lack of housing, and substance abuse, we attack all those areas,” Bellotti says. “We assess and then we come up with a plan for programming.” While Hodgson offers …
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Lucas County Commissioners, other officials address prescription drug abuse
In the United States more than 15 million people abuse prescription drugs – more than the combined number who reported abusing cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants and heroin, according to national health statistics compiled by county officials. Every day …
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Inside Nigeria's illicit drug business
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what is the community of priests who devote themselves to the rehabilitation of priests addicted to alcohol ?

Question by edita t: what is the community of priests who devote themselves to the rehabilitation of priests addicted to alcohol ?
pls find the answer

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Answer by longneck242002
Never heard of it.

Answer by musiu_2001
All the following provide rehabilitation to alcoholic priests.

1. The Paulist Fathers run Friendship House
Friendship House is a treatment facility for alcoholic priests and brothers located in Mangalore, a city in the southern west coast of India.

2. The Order of Servants of the Paraclete runs the Vianney Renewal Center
The Servants of the Paraclete claims to be the only Catholic religious order in USA devoted to ministering to broken priests and brothers. The Vianney Renewal Center is a faith-directed supportive community for priests and brothers who are desirous of living their priesthood, even though they may not be able to engage in active ministry for personal, health-related, psychological, social or canonical reasons. The Vianney Renewal Center is located in Dittmer, Missouri, USA.

3. Fr. Stephen J. Rossetti (a priest of the Diocese of Syracuse, New York) runs the Saint Luke Institute
The Saint Luke Institute is a licensed, private residential facility specializing in promoting the health and well-being of women and men religious, clergy and others involved in church ministry.
It is located in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

4. Catholic lay persons run the Southdown Institute.
The Southdown Institute treats Catholic clergy, religious and other clergy for psychological and addiction problems. Each person who goes to Southdown must be sponsored by a religious community or diocese. The Institute is located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

5. Catholic lay people run Guest House
Guest House provides treatment to Catholic priests, deacons, brothers, seminarians and women religious with alcoholism, other chemical dependencies and related problems. The centre in Rochester, Minnesota is for priests and male religious and the one in Lake Orion, Michigan is for women religious.

6. The National Catholic Council on Alcoholism and Related Drug Problems, Inc. (NCCA) is affiliated with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
The NCCA is committed to assisting its members to a greater awareness and acceptance of alcoholism, other chemical addictions and prevention issues. It is based at the Guest House facility at Lake Orion.

I note that you ask others to find the answer. I retort that you could have looked for it yourself. I also note the comment on google that Southdown Institute, Guest House and NCCA were not the answers that you wanted. Well, if what I have supplied is still inadequate, then you’ll have to go whistle.

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my friend is on drugs?

Question by dinddong20002000: my friend is on drugs?
my friend is only 14 and shes been taking these blue pills that are called like valicone and she wont stop taking them cause she says it puts her out of her pain and that i dont know what shes going through i know that she get abused by her stepdad but she wont tell her mom cause shes already been put in a foster home 3 times before and she doesnt want to get seperated from her mom

Best answer:

Answer by wytedrummer
tell her to move away with here mom

Answer by missbballfreak
well try 2 help her as in take the drugs awy from her cause 1 day she end up killing her self go 2 her and express your feelings 2 her and show her that u care.

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