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I have a shopping addiction..help?

Question by : I have a shopping addiction..help?
I’ve always been a shopper but it’s getting out of hand. I can’t stop. I frequently browse eBay because I have access to it on my phone. And amazon too. I’m spending ridiculous amounts on items and I cannot stop. I’ve.bought four pairs of shoes in the last couple months that I haven’t even worn yet, a bunch of cards, clothes, hair dye, jewelry…everything. I ddon’t know how to stop spending I want to save money. I’ve not yet screwed myself over financially but I already know I need to scrunch in order to conserve my remaining money this month. I downloaded an eexpense tracker to record my spendings and its ridiculous how the numbers are adding up. I am also struggling with hoarding (not severe) and have been diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder. please how can I stop this before it gets worse?

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Answer by confused
Hello Lizzy,

Shopping is something everyone should treat themselves to from time to time but sometimes it gets out of hand. I have a few tips on how to stop the addiction!

Hitting the stores when we are feeling depressed or just plain bored can result in buying more stuff we do not need. (This may be a reason for the overspending as you’ve explained that you have depression etc)
I advise instead of shopping to do something more positive and self indulgent such as taking a long bath, browsing the library for a good book or movie, exercising, or inviting a friend over for coffee and good conversation.

Another tip on stopping the shopping is to make lists only of what you need. If you want something on amazon or EBay you won’t be allowed to buy,as it isn’t on the list. (Check lists are good if you like organisation)

Finally, you say you browse on the phone,so simply switch it off when you don’t need it!

I hope I some what helped you!




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A question for anyone who has any experience with NA or a family member who has suffered from a drug addiction

Question by Jenny: A question for anyone who has any experience with NA or a family member who has suffered from a drug addiction
My aunt and my uncle have both had problems with using drugs for quite a few years now. My uncle dosen’t think that he has a problem whereas my aunt knows that she does. She ran away from him after years of mental, emotional, and brutaly physical abuse to rehab. She won’t tell anyone where this facility was or what she did there. All she would say is that they helped her and that she admitted herself under a false name. Is that even possible? She is staying with my mother (her sister) now that she is out and she is having to hide from her husband because he is pissed off that she ran away. She wants a divorce from him but is doubtful that she will get it. The whole family needs advice about how we can help her and things to avoid or steer her clear of. Any advice will be appreciated. We truly do want her to succeed with her sobriety.

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Answer by FlaChic
The best thing you can do……..Is Butt Out and stop trying to think you can “fix” these people. Who owns the problem? It is not you so it is not your job to solve this…..besides, you can’t. Go on with your life and learn from their mistakes.

Answer by bridget j
my suggestion is that she call the law, and tell them. she can get a divorce without him.

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what does drug cross- dependence mean?

Question by sarah: what does drug cross- dependence mean?

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Answer by Mathieu
It depends- there are several possible definitions:

1) Cross-dependence (also known as cross-addiction) means that a person is “addicted to everything.” Sometimes in an AA or NA meeting, for example, a person will say “I am (name) and I’m cross-addicted.”

2) Cross-dependency is also a theory in addictionology (not the same as addiction psychiatry or psychology) that a person who addicted to one drug (alcohol for example) can become addicted to any drug if they use it. Another view some take is that (to continue with the example) an alcoholic will not necessarily become addicted to amphetamine but by using another drug of abuse it will eventually lead the person back to their primary addiction, alcohol in this case.

These theories are not accepted by American Psychiatric Association or other major medical and psychiatric organizations.

3) It may also refer to the fact that certain drugs have the same or similar properties and they can be substituted for each other. For example alcohol, benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Ativan), barbiturates (phenobarbital, Nembutal, Seconal), and other drugs like Ambien, chloral hydrate, and Miltown all act one the same neurotransmitter, GABA. Often when a person is physically dependent on one of these drugs (GABAnergic drugs) they will be placed on a different drug so they can be more easily be withdrawn. People physically dependency on alcohol are typically given Valium, Librium, or Ativan for detox. People physically dependent on benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or other pills are typically put on Valium, Librium, or phenobarbital.

Another example would be using the opioid methadone to substitute for heroin. Both have similar pharmacological actions and substitution can be made.

Note on vocabulary:

Firstly keep in mind that there is significant confusion on the proper use of terms both in and out of the medical field. So it is common to find incorrect use of terms.

CORRECT use of vocabulary:

Cross-dependence and cross-addiction are synonymous however cross-addiction is more commonly used.

Psychical dependency is NOT the same as addiction however physical dependency does commonly occur in people addicted to drugs that cause physical dependency. Physical dependency also occurs in many people using drugs like opioids or benzodiazepines legally, as prescribed, and for a legitimate reason. In such cases physical dependency is not considered a problem.

Many recreational drugs (amphetamines, hallucinogens, marijuana) do not cause physical dependency and some drugs with no recreational value (corticosteroids, beta-blockers, nasal sprays like oxymetazoline) can cause physical dependency.

Psychological dependency means addiction and dependency means addiction. Thus using the term dependency refers only to the disease state of addiction and the behaviour, it does not have anything to do with any physical aspects.

Misuse typically means improper use of prescription drugs.

The official MEDICAL terms from the

American Psychiatric Association
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR)
World Health Organization’s
International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10)

Substance abuse
Harmful use (formerly non-dependent use)

These terms refer to drug use that is problematic and is causing harm. However this is not addiction.

Substance dependence
Dependence syndrome

These terms mean addiction, a term no longer used medically.

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