I have a shopping addiction..help?

Question by : I have a shopping addiction..help?
I’ve always been a shopper but it’s getting out of hand. I can’t stop. I frequently browse eBay because I have access to it on my phone. And amazon too. I’m spending ridiculous amounts on items and I cannot stop. I’ve.bought four pairs of shoes in the last couple months that I haven’t even worn yet, a bunch of cards, clothes, hair dye, jewelry…everything. I ddon’t know how to stop spending I want to save money. I’ve not yet screwed myself over financially but I already know I need to scrunch in order to conserve my remaining money this month. I downloaded an eexpense tracker to record my spendings and its ridiculous how the numbers are adding up. I am also struggling with hoarding (not severe) and have been diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder. please how can I stop this before it gets worse?

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Answer by confused
Hello Lizzy,

Shopping is something everyone should treat themselves to from time to time but sometimes it gets out of hand. I have a few tips on how to stop the addiction!

Hitting the stores when we are feeling depressed or just plain bored can result in buying more stuff we do not need. (This may be a reason for the overspending as you’ve explained that you have depression etc)
I advise instead of shopping to do something more positive and self indulgent such as taking a long bath, browsing the library for a good book or movie, exercising, or inviting a friend over for coffee and good conversation.

Another tip on stopping the shopping is to make lists only of what you need. If you want something on amazon or EBay you won’t be allowed to buy,as it isn’t on the list. (Check lists are good if you like organisation)

Finally, you say you browse on the phone,so simply switch it off when you don’t need it!

I hope I some what helped you!




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A question for anyone who has any experience with NA or a family member who has suffered from a drug addiction

Question by Jenny: A question for anyone who has any experience with NA or a family member who has suffered from a drug addiction
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Answer by FlaChic
The best thing you can do……..Is Butt Out and stop trying to think you can “fix” these people. Who owns the problem? It is not you so it is not your job to solve this…..besides, you can’t. Go on with your life and learn from their mistakes.

Answer by bridget j
my suggestion is that she call the law, and tell them. she can get a divorce without him.

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st peters drug rehab?

Question by mom of 5: st peters drug rehab?
does any one know the phone number or web address to saint peter drug rehab in houston tx. its not in the phone book.

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Answer by JT
Couldn’t fins St Peters but here is a list of other rehab places in Houston

Accuracy Testing Plus Company
923 E Pasadena Fwy
Houston, TX
(713) 932-7393

Peachford House

Houston, TX
(281) 447-9875

A Drug 24 Hour Abuse Aaaa

Houston, TX
(713) 237-0545

A Alcohol 24 Hour Abuse A & A
1121 Capitol St
Houston, TX
(713) 226-7407

Texas Clinic Fulton
6311 Fulton St
Houston, TX
(713) 694-8100

American Drug Testing
412 Main St
Houston, TX
(713) 226-7847

Detox & Treatment Center
301 W Pierce St
Houston, TX
(281) 428-5333

Right Step Residential Treatment
902 W Alabama St
Houston, TX
(713) 528-3709

Texas Recovering Addictions
2511 Gregg St
Houston, TX
(713) 225-9418

Men Detox & Recovery
3809 Main St
Houston, TX
(713) 524-3682

Narcotics Anonymous
1004 Palmer St
Houston, TX
(713) 943-1111

Houston Maintenance Clinic Incorporated
4608 Main St
Houston, TX
(713) 527-0064

David S Genac PhD , Licensed Psychologist
1712 Fairview St
Houston, TX
(713) 899-3769

Set Free Dat Drug Alchl Trtmn
3333 Fannin St Ste 111
Houston, TX
(713) 520-8042

Next Step
4124 Kolb St
Houston, TX
(713) 880-5885

Avalos-Garcia & Association
4101 San Jacinto St Ste 110
Houston, TX
(713) 528-2155

Toxicology Associates
4405 Caroline St
Houston, TX
(713) 528-2071

Recovery Foundation Incorporated
4312 Crane St
Houston, TX
(713) 678-4443

Trs Behavioral Care Incorporated
902 W Alabama St
Houston, TX
(713) 528-3709

Yamo Tobacco Prevention
3422 Holman St
Houston, TX
(713) 741-4591

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Why is alcohol legal but most drugs aren’t?

Question by : Why is alcohol legal but most drugs aren’t?
I personally enjoy marijuana and MDMA on occasion. I have not tried any other drugs, so I am only going to talk about these two since I know the most about them. Here are some facts.

Alcohol is physically addictive and frequent and excessive drinking can create a physical dependency. Marijuana and MDMA are not addictive and no physical dependency is possible.

Alcohol abuse makes people violent and can lead to abuse, rape, etc. Marijuana users like to sit at home, watch movies, and eat snacks (not harmful to anyone!). MDMA users like to dance a lot and hug inanimate objects (also not harmful to anyone!)

Recorded Marijuana related deaths in the history of history = 0
“Statistics culled from the United States and the United Kingdom report only 7 ecstasy-related deaths per million users of the drug. This is an interesting figure whtn compared to the 625 alcohol-related deaths per million drinkers that occur each year.”

So please tell me, where is the logic in all of this? Why is alcohol legal almost everywhere, Marijuana only legal in a few places around the world, and MDMA legal NOWHERE!? WHY!?

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Answer by Justin
tax on alcohol=big revenue

Answer by Toni Brown
Alcohol doesn’t make the middle part of your nose fall off.

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