Cal Ripken Jr. on Derek Jeter's farewell tour

Cal Ripken Jr. on Derek Jeter's farewell tour
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Where will Johnny Manziel land?
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insomnia from marijuana withdrawal?

Question by : insomnia from marijuana withdrawal?
It’s been over a month now since I quit smoking marijuana(I was a daily user for 4 years) and I was wondering how long it takes for the insomnia to go away. I have been taking melatonin pills every night and they don’t always work any advice so I don’t relapse?
Ukranian you are wrong. Marijuana withdrawal is real do some research.
Ukranian you are wrong. Marijuana withdrawal is real do some research.

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Answer by Cornholio
After a month, you certainly aren’t having ‘withdrawal’ symptoms. You might consider that your marijuana use was treating your insomnia (that is a very common medicinal use of the plant), not causing it in its absence. You might be taking too much melatonin which can CAUSE insomnia. Melatonin isn’t like a traditional supplement – it’s a hormone. More is not better. It also isn’t a sleep inducer, but a body-clock regulator instead. Most adults shouldn’t be taking more than 1 mg, and should not take it indefinitely.

You can read more about melatonin in the link below.

Answer by Metalplanttag
Depending on how much THC you have stored in fat, it might take more that 60 to 90 days to be clear of the chemical.

You might want to read this document which I have reproduced a small amount below.
“Studies have demonstrated that tolerance and withdrawal develop with daily use of large doses of marijuana or THC (Haney et al. 1999a; Jones and Benowitz 1976; Kouri and Pope 2000). About 15 percent of people who acknowledge moderate-to-heavy use reported a withdrawal syndrome with symptoms of nervousness, sleep disturbance, and appetite change (Wiesbeck et al. 1996).
Many adults who are marijuana dependent report affective (i.e., mood) symptoms and craving during periods of abstinence when they present for treatment (Budney et al. 1999). The contribution of physical dependence to chronic marijuana use is not yet clear, but the existence of a dependence syndrome is fairly certain. An Epidemiological Catchment Area study conducted in Baltimore found that 6 percent of people who used marijuana met Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) (American Psychiatric Association 1994), criteria for dependence and 7 percent met DSM-IV criteria for substance abuse (Rosenberg and Anthony 2001). Coffey and colleagues (2002) found that persons who use marijuana more than once a week are at significant risk for dependence. In the 1990s, the number of people who sought treatment for marijuana dependence more than doubled (Budney et al. 2001). Therefore, a large group of adults who smoke marijuana is dependent and may need and benefit from treatment.”
· The greatest risk of harm from cannabis use is in young people and those who are pregnant or have serious mental illness
· A tenth of cannabis users develop dependence, with three quarters of them experiencing withdrawal symptoms on cessation
· Most dependent users have concurrent dependence on tobacco, which increases the health risks and worsens outcomes for cannabis treatment

Marijuana abuse accounts for up to 20 percent of admissions into drug treatment programs.

According to Budney et al., the withdrawal syndrome associated with cannabis use is similar to that for tobacco but of lesser magnitude than withdrawal from other drugs like opiates or alcohol.

Cannabis Withdrawal from the American Psychiatric Association:

A. Cessation of cannabis use that has been heavy and prolonged

B. 3 or more of the following develop within several days after Criterion A

1. Irritability, anger or aggression

2. Nervousness or anxiety

3. Sleep difficulty (insomnia)

4. Decreased appetite or weight loss

5. Restlessness

6. Depressed mood

7. Physical symptoms causing significant discomfort: must report at least one of the following: stomach pain, shakiness/tremors, sweating, fever, chills, headache

C. The symptoms in Criterion B cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning

D. The symptoms are not due to a general medical condition and are not better accounted for by another disorder

First, direct comparisons of cannabis withdrawal with tobacco withdrawal have consistently found that the magnitude and time course of the cannabis withdrawal effects appear comparable to the well-established tobacco withdrawal syndrome. Second, cannabis users report using cannabis to “relieve withdrawal symptoms” suggesting that withdrawal might contribute to ongoing abuse of cannabis. Third, a substantial proportion of adults and adolescents in treatment for cannabis dependence acknowledge moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms, and some complain that they make cessation more difficult. In fact, cannabis users report having relapsed to cannabis use or initiating use of other drugs (e.g. tranquilizers) to provide relief from cannabis withdrawal symptoms. Last, persons living with cannabis users observe significant withdrawal effects suggesting that such symptoms are disruptive to daily living.

Thus, cue-elicited craving for marijuana activates the reward neurocircuitry associated with the neuropathology of addiction, and the magnitude of activation of these structures is associated with severity of cannabis-related problems. These findings may inform the development of treatment strategies for cannabis dependence. –

In the study, habitual pot users who were asked to abstain for two weeks experienced irritability, sleep difficulties and other symptoms that affected their ability to work and their relationships with other people… it is generally accepted now that the drug can cause addiction and withdrawal –

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Oregon drug deaths: More people dying from meth use, cocaine-related deaths

Oregon drug deaths: More people dying from meth use, cocaine-related deaths
Oregon State Medical Examiner Dr. Karen Gunson said the 123 methamphetamine-related deaths did not result from overdoses of the drug, but the result of other traumatic incidents, such as a drowning or a car crash. … The liquid is used at methadone …
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Not-So-Quick Fix
That reality has made buprenorphine—an opioid partial agonist that can relieve withdrawal symptoms without producing the same high or dangerous side effects as full opioids—an important weapon in the fight against drug addiction. When combined with …
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Prevention tips: Alcohol consumption a time bomb for health
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Life of addiction redeemed in Clarksville woman's 'Serenity Show'

Life of addiction redeemed in Clarksville woman's 'Serenity Show'
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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1939: Marijuana "well under control" thanks to
The Narcotics Department also lobbied for the creation of an addiction treatment hospital in Colorado while at the same time working "to arouse public opinion so that pitiless publicity will be centered on those judges and district attorneys who give …
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Despite Obamacare, a gaping hole in addiction treatment
"This is the beginning of substance abuse disorders being part of mainstream health care," said Thomas McLellan, former U.S. deputy drug czar and now chief executive officer of the Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia. Serious impediments to …
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Is it illegal to runaway in Pennsylvania?

Question by : Is it illegal to runaway in Pennsylvania?
In my book these 3 girls live in Pennsylvania and they are running away to new york city, they are taking a bus then a train and then a subway to get where they want. But is it illegal for them to runway, I am pretty sure it is, if so what are the consequences? And here are the circumstances, one girl is running from an abusive home, one because her father is back in town and he abused her mother and her and her sister, who commited suicide because if him, but they didnt find him guilty so he was released from jail, with a restraining order from them, which he wasnt following so this girl was afraid ad wanted to flee, the other is being abused by her mother who blamed her for her father being in prison. And they get kidnapped while they are there, but their one friend who remembers one of them mentioning wanting to run away and telling details runs away to find her but when he can’t he calls the police and helps track down her to the kidnapper. So is it illegal for them to runaway under the circumstances and is it illegal for this boy not to report knowing about how she wanted to runaway and what are the consequences? Btw they are all 14. So yeah thanks! And btw I really don’t care about the fact it’s “a stupid decision” they should “call the police and get help” this is a book! If I didnt make them runaway and get kidnapped, how would I have a book?! So please I don’t want your advice just your answers. Thank you very much to those who just answer my question!

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Answer by hotwheels122287
not gonna read the entire thing because your title question ask it all.

yes, its illegal to run away in Penn they wouldnt get far. and WHEN caught, they would be drug back to the home to which they live in

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2 school stabbing victims released from hospitals
(AP) – Two students injured in a stabbing and slashing rampage at a western Pennsylvania high school have been released from the hospital. Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville said a 16-year-old student was discharged Wednesday evening.
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What to do on visit from drug rehab?

Question by Rusty Nail: What to do on visit from drug rehab?
My sister is 17 and has been in a court ordered drug rehab facility for the past 8 months.

She now gets 12 hours visits away from the facility, and on those visits my mother likes to have her go tanning, to the mall, get nails done, etc. I think that time should be spent going to colleges, the library … something like that so that when she is out she can do something with her life. My mom says this is her “reward” time and has elaborate plans for fun stuff.

What do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by disorder_ly_conduct
I think rehab can be a crock and your sister should look into RR (rational recovery). On the other hand, your sister should decide what she wants to do with her free time. If the rehab program is a good program, it will be teaching her about self care and about pursuing goals in life (first case, what your mom is doing, second case, what you want). Based on what she decides her values are and aligning her goals with these, she can best use her time.

Answer by michael m
I think instead of having your nails done while being out on a pass on rehab. You guys should be talking about what has she learned and what tools have she learned from rehab and what NA meeting is she going to after she gets out. This drug rehab program is not just 28 days long its for a life time. You guys should be her support group and be more involved during here visits out. There is no rewarding of rehab except the gift its self of being clean!

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