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What to do on visit from drug rehab?

Question by Rusty Nail: What to do on visit from drug rehab?
My sister is 17 and has been in a court ordered drug rehab facility for the past 8 months.

She now gets 12 hours visits away from the facility, and on those visits my mother likes to have her go tanning, to the mall, get nails done, etc. I think that time should be spent going to colleges, the library … something like that so that when she is out she can do something with her life. My mom says this is her “reward” time and has elaborate plans for fun stuff.

What do you think?

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Answer by disorder_ly_conduct
I think rehab can be a crock and your sister should look into RR (rational recovery). On the other hand, your sister should decide what she wants to do with her free time. If the rehab program is a good program, it will be teaching her about self care and about pursuing goals in life (first case, what your mom is doing, second case, what you want). Based on what she decides her values are and aligning her goals with these, she can best use her time.

Answer by michael m
I think instead of having your nails done while being out on a pass on rehab. You guys should be talking about what has she learned and what tools have she learned from rehab and what NA meeting is she going to after she gets out. This drug rehab program is not just 28 days long its for a life time. You guys should be her support group and be more involved during here visits out. There is no rewarding of rehab except the gift its self of being clean!

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Is there any free drug rehab help in Houston, Texas?

Question by Emjay: Is there any free drug rehab help in Houston, Texas?
My sister is addicted to crack. Has no job, no money, no insurance. Can anyone please help me out with where do I even start to get her help? I am a single mother of two boys and although I have a job I don’t have extra money to put into this.

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Answer by angiebrown232
call that intervention show thats on A and E 1800 662 HELP i know they help people from all over . i hope your sister gets help i know that is a very powerful drug and the damage it can do. good luck

Answer by mcdannells
Then after you call the help line the fist lady put in there, get a hold of a mental health place and get her into profetional mental health to find out why she feels she has to self medicate in the first place.
Or maybe they do that in dug rehab places??
She could more then likely get on the state medical who would pay to help her? This is what it is there for.
Good luck

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Manslaughter in Pennsylvania?

Question by Brennan K: Manslaughter in Pennsylvania?
If you turn yourself in, show tons of remorse, and there was no premeditated intent to injure, as well as a mental imbalance, (schizophrenia) along with a drug addiction, would the defendent get a lighter sentence? I would think rehab, then maybe a halfway house/some jailtime. Does anyone have any other possible penalties?

This is NOT condoning murder or violence in any way.
Just so everyone knows, this isn’t me. I just heard this on the news.
I read some of the PA law, and it says that you have to be committing a crime for second degree murder. And all other types of murder are third degree.

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Answer by sexy latina
no i dont think so you did the crime so you do the time.

Answer by Devontrit Whiteside
In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania there is a Zero Tolerance enactment. The instance you speak of is one of them. They would serve out there full sentence without the possibility of parole. Allow me to cite the actual Pennsylvania Code/Statute: Pa.C.S. § 2502, § 2503 or § 2504 (relating to murder; voluntary manslaughter or … This section cited in 37 Pa. Code § 200.4 (relating to detention required)

other citings: Voluntary Manslaughter in violation of Section 2503. of the Crimes Code, 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 2503; …

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Doing Illegal Drugs While Pregnant?

Question by tinaj78: Doing Illegal Drugs While Pregnant?
My friend’s girlfriend has major problems. She is pregnant and using illegal drugs at the same time. My friend is the father and it at a loss on what to do, as saying “stop” doesn’t cut it. He needs to work during the day and no one else cares enough to get involved. They live in Arizona. Are there any laws or any rehab’s that will take you in (with force) to keep the baby safe?

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Answer by Nicky05
If your doing drugs during pregnany, teh baby could have problems when he or she is born.. Alson when she goes to deliver teh baby and they test her. If she has drugs in her systom they wil take the baby!

Answer by M Kerr RN L&D
Here in Iowa it only takes 2 people, dont have to be relation, to civilly commit someone to rehab, might want to check into that

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